About Hndrd


We believe we can accomplish our purpose through the power of social enterprise. But, instead of creating a new product or service, we have set out to create a new economic system. Simply put, 100% of the net profits of each of our ventures are invested into the hndrd foundation. The foundation strives to achieve social and economic justice through global poverty alleviation projects. We only devote our time, energy, and resources to projects that will make the world a better place. We would like to empower consumers, and offer them an opportunity to change the world through their actions. We believe true social progress will begin only when poverty ends and every human is respected and has an opportunity to share their gift with the world.

As you probably guessed our favorite number is 100.



human – we are all just people helping each other
networking – we believe in collaborating instead of competing
diversity – we have set out on a global mission
respect – we see the best in everyone and everything
devotion – we are passionate about what we do


See more about Hndrd and our partners on the Foundation website at www.hndrd.org.